ABOUT AERIALIST PRESS (our description and our mission)

Improvisational theatre is often described as spontaneous, innovative, irreverent, and without boundaries. The same can be said for a rule-breaking, risk-taking publishing company located in the conservative Twin Cities of Minnesota. Aerialist Press, or Publishing Without a Net operates as an improvisational scene. It makes decisions based on fearless discovery and it embraces the unknown. The authors and titles the company represents have been somehow affected and influenced by the philosophies, ideals and behavior of world class improvisation.

Aerialist’s goal is to publish works that spread the core principles of improvisation to the masses. By incorporating the elements of great improvisation into the products it produces, Aerialist will fulfill its mission of improving the human condition through improvisational ideals such as:

• judgment deferment,
• statusless environments,
• selfless contribution,
• clear, declarative and honest communication,
• laughter-induced insights, and
• the miracles of imperfection.

Aerialist’s first title, Innovation at the Speed of Laughter: 8 Secrets to World Class Idea Generation has already made a worldwide impact on how corporations work together and produce innovation. Using his book and extensive speaking and training program, author John Sweeney has helped hundreds of organizations. By bridging the gap between improvisational innovation and workplace productivity, John and his book are a prime example of the powerful potential that lies within the center of improvisational enlightenment.

Our most recent title, Return to Civility: A Speed of Laughter Project is a simple little book with a simple little theme, "Act the way you want to the world to be." We are extremely excited by the initial reaction and overwhelming support for this project and we hope you'll join in by visiting the book website at http://www.return-to-civility.com.

Like a great improvisational scene, Aerialist is always discovering and expanding. Our “Yes And!” policy of growth continually explores new vehicles to carry the message of improvisation. Look for upcoming books on the subjects of improvisational parenting, improvisational sobriety and recovery, and improvisational life skills.

Constantly adding to the last scene performed, Aerialist is frequently non-traditional, never stagnant, and always surprising!

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